Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Ok, so now the Soul 2 Soul song from high school is in my head. 

Mr. Lloyd, children, and I all went back to school this morning. It was an adjustment, but actually a relief to get back on a schedule.  I awoke at 5:15 and enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee before rousing the hellions. We got out the door on time for the first time in at least a few months. It's been a good day. I discovered that I really had missed my students, although maybe not as much as I miss sleeping in. 

I'm hungry. This means I did not plan well for today. Why I thought two cups of Butternut Squash soup were going to satisfy the same beast who two weeks ago killed off the entire top layer of a Whitman's Sampler in one sitting is a mystery! I will be more realistic tomorrow. Is it bad that I'm picturing the students who are staying after in my classroom as little hummus-covered Triscuits?

I will run the treadmill this evening. Probably just 2-3 miles. I know I should push harder, but since it is the first day back to everything, I'll cut myself some slack.

Three days into my least favorite month of the year, and Depression seems to be in hiding...for now. I will be looking under the beds and behind the shower curtain all month. I don't trust him.  

I am ever-hopeful that sound mind and body will continue.

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  1. To fight the January depression, you need to feel empowered instead. Use this time to log some good miles, 4 to 8 miles per run. You'll see those pants getting more loose, and the numbers falling. and that will make you feel good, not depressed.